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Industry news

Zimbabwe more national parks under siege from mining

A local environmental protection group has issued a warning to other national parks threatened by mining activities, saying that the rights to chinmani chizarila and sinametra belong to the

Trump overturns bill on coal mining debris fox news

On February 16, 2017018332, before signing a measure to overturn the bill, trump called the regulation 'killing employment rules.' legislators from coal mining state stood with Mitch McConnell R., the Senate majority leader

Us mining sites dump 50 million gallons of fouled

February 20, 2019018332 Democrats tried to set up a special clean-up fund to old hard rock sites, the cost of which was sent by mining industry news to your inboxes

Goldcorps 201l233onore gold mine cleans

Goldcorp 201123onore gold mine has cleaned up its behavior through the new waste treatment issued by Daniel Gleeson on March 19, 2019. The latest winners of the 2019 goldcorps Global Excellence Award will be featured on their online blog, the 201123onore gold mine, and a new system demonstrating its value in removing ammonia and residual cyanide by-products

Commentary coal mining ends in england but earth

It has been a tough week for British mining engineers. On August 17th, a coal open pit mine in Durham was closed, and the Global Footprint Network GFN released a thoughtful press release. The closure leaves only one industrial scale coal mine operating in the country, which means once proud

Mining waste byproduct can help clean ag discharges farm

Leetown WVA is a by-product of acid mine wastewater treatment, which may have a second life in helping agriculture and clean water from wastewater discharge

Toxic water us abandoned mines leak millions of gallons

Sites where gold, silver and lead have been mined for more than a century now leave a toxic legacy of untreated wastewater, and mining pollution will cost billions of dollars

New copper mine in arizonasuppliers gold mining

Report GT where can I find gold in the United States gt the Arizona gold mine in Cave Creek and new mine is the Arizona copper belt mining query

Us mining sites dump 50 million gallons of fouled

Every day, millions of gallons of water from some of the most polluted mining sites in the United States flow into the state, which contains arsenic, lead and other toxic metals

Extra gold mine life seen for sissingue

The bank increased the nominal mine inventory quota of 26 million tons, 2G / T, 170000 ounces, which is currently the subject of Perseus script's acquisition of exore resources exore Antoinette and Veronique deposits


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