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Re Drum Magnetic Separator

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Industry news

Magnetic separators wet drum wpe process equipment

Application of low intensity magnetic separator LIMS application of magnetite processing wet drum magnetic separator is widely used in magnetite beneficiation to recover and enhance magnetite heavy medium separation. Wet drum magnetic separator is widely used for heavy medium separation to recover minerals used as flotation medium, namely magnetite amp ferrosilicon

Heavy duty drum magnets bunting magnetics co

Bunting manufactures various types of drum separators, ranging from heavy duty electric drums for separating iron from nonferrous metals to permanent magnet drums for fine iron separation. The drum separator is usually installed at the product discharge point and contains a 150 degree, 180 degree magnet system, which is included in stainless steel

Magnetic drum separators dings co magnetic group

Dins drum magnetic separator is a permanent self-cleaning magnetic separator designed for heavy load, high-capacity iron recovery. Its rugged structure is ideal for separating ferrous metals from crushed cars, slag, crushed ore and ash from incineration plants. It can be up to five feet in diameter

Eriez permanent magnetic drum separators

Elize drum separator can remove large and small iron pollutants in material processing line. The powerful permanent magnet makes the separation performance more effective and can be applied more widely than ever before. The entire production line includes standard models from 12 to 36 inches 305 to 915 mm in diameter and 12 to 60 mm in width, 305 to 1525 mm

Drum separators zycon

The high gradient magnetic field drum has diameters of 12quot 305 mm and 15quot 380mm. They can be refitted into HFP shell type a stirring drum type a stirring drum automatic elimination of magnetism and

Drum magnet conveyor belt magnetic separation gtek

The roller magnet is usually placed at the end of the conveyor belt to separate the scrap. According to different feeding methods, the iron parts can be effectively separated from the material. We offer two types of drum for you to choose gtsxg series ejecting drum

Dry medium intensity magnetic separator dmims eriez

Product name part number price description price dmims spre 1325 drum 549 dry medium intensity magnetic separator laboratory model 15 inch diameter × 1325 drum width salient pole rare earth drum separator

Dry high intensity magnetic separators dhims eriez lab

Item name part number description price rare earth roller dhims lab 5quot 4quot diameter 5345 inch single rare earth magnetic roller single non magnetic tail pulley pulley adjustable diverter and frame 13 HP RPM motor 230 volt 3 phase 60 Hz with variable speed control 114 cu ft mild steel hopper and mild steel frame mounted on separator frame

Drum magnetic separator from china manufacturer jinxin

Jinxin drum magnetic separator can remove large and small iron pollutants in material processing line. The powerful permanent magnets enable them to be more widely used than ever before

Magnetic drum separator magnetic separation

July 6 2020018332 drum separator is widely used. They are used in free fall chute or after vibrating chute of powder, even for fine powder, particle, fiber and coarse product flow

Rare earth amp ceramic magnetic coolant separators high

Magnetic coolant separator the largest capacity and highest strength magnetic separator in the ferrite or rare earth magnet industry for grinding, honing, polishing and crushing machining debris. Quality features include rugged rollers, heavy duty seals, lifetime bearings, and maximum magnetic mass and surface area per gallon flow in the industry

Selfcleaning magnetic particle drum separator

Magnetic drum separator is composed of stainless steel shell pulley magnet and motor, which can remove ferrous pollutants from large dry powder or granular materials in automatic production line

Wet drum magnetic separator jxsc machine

The working principle of magnetic drum separator in the process of processing, the non-magnetic minerals in these minerals will fall off in the continuous turning process

Magnetic separators eriez

Low strength dry rotary drum or high-intensity induction magnetic separators are processed with new type erium 3000174. The attraction of this material is at least 10 times that of traditional ceramic magnets, and the suction force of these magnetic separators is 10 times that of ordinary ceramic magnets

Rareearth drum magnetic separators imsc group

The outotec drum separator can match or exceed the magnetic force of other medium strength drum separators. However, in terms of cost specifications, the standard model has six magnetic poles with axial configuration. Currently, there are two different pole diameters, 41 cm 16 and 61 cm 24, respectively

Permanent magnetic drum separator magnets walker

The drum of permanent magnetic drum separator adopts radial pole configuration. The drum is oriented along the width of the drum, such as bolts or steel bars on the roof, so that it can not be shot down. The magnet can use various ways to generate depth of field and retention force, so as to adapt to a wide range of applications

Re drum magnetic separator

Magnetic drum separator is the best choice for separating iron powder and iron powder. It is widely used in glass ceramic, chemical industry, casting, fertilizer, plastic, food and other industries. The diameter of the drum is 600mm and the length is 1500mm

Re drum magnetic separator namari heavy machinery

Rare earth roller magnetic separator type rare earth roller type rare earth magnetic separator is used in applications requiring high product purity. Rare earth roller magnetic separator can effectively remove extremely fine iron particles, locked particles and even strong paramagnetic particles

Re drum magnetic separator henan mining machinery

Drum magnetic separator we have drum magnetic separator. Dry magnetic separator consists of a fixed yoke and several permanent magnets placed in the drum of non-magnetic materials. Magnets have alternating polarity, usually strontium ferrite. There are two types of drum

Rotating drum magnet separatorsseparate ferrous metal

Rotating drum magnets provide good separation in applications where metal contamination is high or stopping product flow cleaning is not feasible. Rotating drum magnets are designed for continuous self-cleaning

Stearns ceramic 8 permanent magnetic drum

Stearns ceramic 8 permanent magnetic drum separator 11000 10000 9000 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 ceramic 8 drum separator selection use this convenient chart to select your ceramic 8-drum separator 8 12 14 16 18 20 24 30 36 42 48 drum width in inches this is a typical chart for grain please consult factory

Magnetic drum separator wet sepor inc

The most common wet drum magnetic separator is a low strength wet drum magnetic separator used to recover high magnetic materials. The magnetic field of the drum ranges from 600 to 1000 Gauss. Generally, wet high intensity magnetic separators are also used for permanent drums of paramagnetic materials with a magnetic field strength of 7000 Gauss

Drum separators eriez

Re type rare earth HF type drum, with feeder or hopper shell, HFP type drum, with feeder or feed hopper and discharge chute, permanent magnetic drum separator provides efficient separation and trouble free automatic removal of magnetic substances from rock products, minerals and ores for many years


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